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I wrote songs just for fun, but I didn’t think anyone would ever hear. It just hadn’t crossed my mind that I could write songs and people would ever hear them. So that’s what Faris did. And he convinced me to sing again, because at that point I was thinking I wasn’t going to do opera or really sing ever again. It just took someone who I respected, and looked up to, to even think it might be worth thinking about. It definitely wouldn’t have happened without Faris.
Rachel Zeffira (via spoopyhayward)
She’s fabulous and I love her. She looks after me and keeps my feet on the ground. I don’t always want my feet on the ground but she keeps them there [another long laugh]. I think it’s important to try and have perspective, you know, about how lucky we are. Elaine certainly helps me with my perspective.
Peter on Elaine (SMH)


I would like to nominate Elaine Collins (Peter’s wife) for the title of Uncrowned Queen of the Doctor Who fandom.  Do I hear any “Seconds?”


Specifically this bit: "In Doctor Who, he wears a special ring to cover his wedding ring while filming. "It sits on top of it," he says, holding his wedding band. "I didn’t want to take it off because I felt sure that working every day for 32 weeks, if I took it off it would go somewhere or fall off somehow. So I got them to make a special Doctor Who ring that fits on top of it. It has a special gem in it … but that’s another story .”“

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